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Slice of life … i think .

The suffering continues . I dunno , no actually not sure when it ends , not like it will continue forever but still i wonder. And suffering ? Yeah , something what never should be foroten or even worse underestimated. I tried many times to discover center of my doubts. Doubts ? Yeah , a lot of ’em was alongside me for … how long ? Still the ,,ones ” i know good but don’t understand completely. Sometimes i think about doubts like a peoples … , very alike indeed , all different , all with they own opinion sticking from all posible annoying ,,places” , but comparing to humans (?) i know my doubts better than anyone (?) , i just don’t understand ’em. Simple as unexplored maze. Well said. I like my momentary grains of wisdom …. makes me feel different , somehow higher valuated. At least for myself. And again pain …. such vast meaning of word …. i even afraid to start this topic , about pain. I will not , not now. Good food for mind though , but it’s almost 2:AM and i really want to hit my sofa … i don’t have bed …. normal one … but our house has many sofas ….. idiocity . Part of me. Nothing to be ashamed of. Still i hate the part when anybody , espesially me waste my time on … failure , failure itself not a big problem , biggest letdown is when failure ,,kills” motivation inside you . Soul colors in darker grey than usual , in some places there is no way to wash that darkness , no point in recolor it with ,,fake” paints either . That’s it , i’m tired , little dissapointed as usual? No little bit more , it’s damages my mental side , the one which always in dark side of mood. Enough . Is it ?

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